Servers & Server Addresses:

Minecraft: Running Version: 1.13.2 Download
Minecraft (MODDED/FTB): Running Version: FTB Revelations 3.0.1 Download
Ark Survival Evolved #2: Running Version: v292.X Download
Eco - Survival Game: Search for 'Team-NeO' Running Version: 7.8.5 Download
Eco - Survival Game: Search for 'Team-NeO' Running Version: 8.1.4 Download

Minecraft Server Change Log:

    Latest update: 26 Aug

  • [26/8/2019] NeOJobs: Dragon Egg Spawner. Finally found why the egg moves off of the pole/podium and onto the ground making it impossible to spawn another one. It is use to players using vanilla spawning method and not ender pearls on the egg.
  • [26/8/2019] NeOJobs: Challenge Expiry time a bit dodgy...but should appears to be working/normal now..
  • [26/8/2019] NeOJobs: Challenge 'Kill Ender Dragon' now working.
  • [7/8/2019] NeOBasics: Sleeping in 1.14 server should now be fixed.
  • [7/8/2019] Multiple Plugins: I have converted 70-80% of our plugins over to a new SQL/storage system. It is now far far more stable/efficient and should allow us consume less memory along with being able to reduce required restarts quite possibly even disable them entirely.
  • [7/8/2019] NeOBiz: Fixed issue with wood and fueling your biz. It will now require OAK_LOG's
  • [11/5/2019] NeODonations: Fixed DOLPHIN_GRACE and WATER_BREATHING potion effects from preventing donator fly.
  • [11/5/2019] NeOJobs: Applied some of he intended changes to Block Break challenge so that it will only accept/treat "blocks" as part of the challenge.
  • [4/4/2019] NeOJobs: Claiming rewards in 'Challenges' is now done via a command, '/c claim' to prevent loss of rewards following the reward menu closing for whatever reason
  • [18/3/2019] TimberMod: Added TImber Mod for Donators level 2 and above.
  • [18/3/2019] NeOJobs: Fixed 'Challenge' tilted 'Catch Fishes' , it now actually exists.
  • [18/3/2019] NeOJobs: Fixed 'Challenge' titled 'Break Blocks' that did not detect and process break blocks preventing completion of challenge.
  • [18/3/2019] NeOJobs: Fixed 'Challenge' bug allowing reward items to retain name and description data from possible rewards list..
  • [17/3/2019] NeOJobs: Added new feature 'Challenges' Please see for details!
  • [3/3/2019] NeOGames: Lotto starting pot increased from 300 to 1000.
  • [3/3/2019] NeOJobs: Various job payouts adjusted to provide a more balanced reward vs work required ratio.
  • [3/3/2019] NeOExperience: LuckyBlock payouts for 'easy' and 'medium' increased by 100%
  • [3/3/2019] NeOExperience: Charity Chest fixed
  • [25/2/2019] NeOJobs: Offered jobs are now more randomized with regards to the amount of a particular item required. This will also naturally increase the payouts too. New jobs have been added. I believe around 6 or so.
  • [9/2/2019] NeODonation: Fixed CONDUIT_POWER preventing Donators from flying and also added the ability to see exactly what potion is causing the flying ability to be disallowed.
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