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Minecraft: mc.team-neo.com:25565 Running Version: 1.8
Don't Starve Together: Running Version: 126333 DL


Here's the latest 20 changes we've made:

  • [1/3/2015] NeOShops now connects directly to NeOMoney and does not require you to hold currency when purchasing items.
  • [1/3/2015] Fixed bug in NeOShops that prevented shops from being deleted from database.
  • [28/2/2015] NeOJobs added two more jobs.
  • [28/2/2015] Added a new 'allowed' and 'disallowed' mods page: http://www.team-neo.com/mods.html
  • [27/2/2015] Fixed HeadAdmin's ability to TP to other headadmins
  • [27/2/2015] Hoppers can now be placed directly next to each other if they're placed by a Verified player.
  • [23/2/2015] Players can now donate £0.70 to have their Display Name changed. It will change the name that others will see you as in-game e.t.c but not above your head. The advantage of this is that you can change your name without it affecting any e
  • [21/2/2015] Added datestamps to changelog entries. (And fixed it...)
  • [21/2/2015]
  • Converted the -- system over to a more understandable !help system.
  • NeOPVPManager - Added trial version of /optout. This will allow players to optout of PVP in Survival Worlds permanently. They will not be able to cause harm to other players nor be harmed by other players.
  • NeOJobs will now deposit money directly into your bank account instead of giving you the item in your hand.
  • Fixed 'Logged in from another location' protection. Now works!
  • Added a new /givemoney -all option to allo wyou to give every player online the amount you want from your money.
  • Added new command: !calc. Allows you to make calculations using something ilke: !calc 64 + 64 + 32
  • Fixed bug with HeadAdmin command for treasure locator,validator and reset.
  • /checkreg added to allow admins to check if a name is registered
  • GriefPrevention modified to add a log entry into database for when claims are created/deleted. Should help to identify if a claim has been made in the past... etc
  • NeOFeedBack fixed bug causing database connection to be lost after inactivity for a prolonged period of time causing server to think a fault has occured and auto restarts it. (So technically not a crash)
  • NeOShop upgraded the system to allow players to create shops that will trade items in and give out money from the shop owner, to allow players to set up both types of shops, shops that players buy from AND now shops that players can sell to.
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