Servers & Server Addresses:

Minecraft: Running Version: 1.13.2-1.15 Download
Minecraft (MODDED/FTB): Running Version: FTB Revelations 3.2.0 Download
Ark Survival Evolved: Running Version: v304.X Download
Eco - Survival Game: Search for 'Team-NeO' Running Version: 8.3.2 Download

Team-NeO Network Change Log:

    Latest update: 31 Dec

  • [31/12/2019] Discord: As suggested by Damn_God I have added a new discord channel #minecraft_shops where you can self-promote your own minecraft shops and or trade with ther players.
  • [5/12/2019] Discord: Added new role 'FTB Player' for those wanting the FTB role & added colouring for all 'Player' roles.
  • [5/12/2019] Discord: Added new role 'FTB Player' for those wanting the FTB role & added colouring for all 'Player' roles.
  • [28/11/2019] Minecraft: Nether portals will function as intended by Mojang. This means entities etc can now transport through them.
  • [25/11/2019] Ark Servers: Ark Evolved has been updated to the latest version.
  • [20/11/2019] Discord: You can now assign yourself roles by reacting to the message in #roles.
  • [24/10/2019] Eco Server has now been wiped and upgraded to 8.2.7. Please add the server: deleting your old listing as we have moved to the default port now.
  • [15/10/2019] NeOSHop: Fixed compatibility issues with 1.13/1.14 should now work from restart!
  • [11/10/2019] NeOStats: Brought back our old Achievements that can be unlocked if not already. /ach. Not sure why we disabled it....probably due to poor performance but with our SQL changes this shouldn't be an issue. We'll see :)
  • [11/10/2019] NeOStats: Fixed bug (hopefully) triggered when unlocking an achievement causing the unlock to just repeat itself.
  • [8/10/2019] NeOExperience: Coming soon.. return of Secret Passages from 1.0
  • [8/10/2019] NeODonations: Implemented community suggested command /lastdeath enabling non-donators to view the location of where they died.
  • [8/10/2019] NeOBanking: Blocked certain items from being deposited/withdrawn due to item name changes from 1.13 to 1.14. This result in items disappearing. Currently includes: Green Dye, Red Dye, Stone Slabs (All) and signs. This is just a temp solution and I look to enable a fix soon.
  • [8/10/2019] NeOBanking: Items stored in 'off hand' must be removed when using bank unless it's a shield.
  • [6/10/2019] Eco Survival Server: I have now located an updated version of the game (cracked) so as of the next server reset/wipe we will update to that. We will also revert back to our default server port of 3000 instead of 3002.
  • [6/10/2019] Killing floor 2 Perk Training server max players increased to 30 due to popular demand
  • [6/10/2019] Fixed Minecraft Champions/Leaderboard web page.
  • [6/10/2019] Fixed Richest Player web page.
  • [6/10/2019] Fixed NeOClans plugin web page.
  • [6/10/2019] Renamed 'Minecraft Server Change log' to 'Team NeO Network Change Log' to enable us to post updates across all of our servers as a pose to just Minecraft.
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