Servers & Server Addresses:

Minecraft: Running Version: 1.13.2 Download
Ark Survival Evolved #2: Running Version: v283.X Download
Eco - Survival Game: Search for 'Team-NeO' Running Version: 7.8.5 Download

Minecraft Server Change Log:

    Latest update: 17 Jan

  • [17/1/2019] NeOShop: Resolved issue with selling certain swords (and in theory other enchantable items) that had a long list of enchantments.
  • [17/1/2019] NeOShop: Resolved issue with not being able to use special characters inside the name when naming items.
  • [8/1/2019] Website: Fixed error when trying to send messages ingame from the website.
  • [26/12/2018] NeOMoney: Fixed bug causing /givemoney to never be able to check if a person is giving money to another user on the same network due to Mojang changes -_-
  • [7/12/2018] NeODonations: Fixed the teleport to location using bone. Please report any issues as we've essentially re-writen 90% of the code for this.
  • [5/12/2018] NeOShop, NeOGames,NeOHomes,NeODonations and NeOHomes have all been fixed and should now be working 100% with 1.13. Please note: NeODonations teleporter is the only exception to this and this is still being investigated.
  • [5/12/2018] Server has been upgraded to 1.13. We were forced to upgrade sooner than planned and as a result there are some bugs and issues. Please report anything not working or odd things happening.
  • [7/10/2018] World Changes: Removed fire from the PVP world as it was causing dropped items to be destroyed.
  • [2/9/2018] NeOExperience: Reverted Ender Dragon spawning system to our old method as back-end code has been improved since mojang's changes. This should resolve the problem with wings not spawning when ender dragon dies. Our old Dragons should also be back :)
  • [2/9/2018] NeOAntiSpam: Added ability to detect new methods of spam and remove said player from the server.
  • [10/2/2018] Discord: 'Smith' bot will now be able to detect donators that are on discord and promote them to 'Donator' rank. Please ensure your name matches your in-game name exactly as this will not work otherwise. (Case insensitive)
  • [3/2/2018] NeOBasics: Changed the way the warnings work when non-members try to enter. It was creating spam if someone intentionally walked into it over and over again, have adjusted this to once only.
  • [3/2/2018] NeOBasics: Creative World now live, and applications are welcome!
  • [27/1/2018] Discord: Removed 'MC' part from messages shown on minecraft feed channel.
  • [26/1/2018] NeOGames: Added new mobs to PR waves and increased waves to 12.
  • [26/1/2018] NeOGames: Fixed PR button and Slot Machine buttons. All now function.
  • [8/12/2017] NeOHome Added two new commands /delhome and /delhome2 to allow players to delete a home location to help comply with rule 14.
  • [8/12/2017] NeOExperience Fixed wings not spawning inside chest after killing dragon.
  • [3/9/2017] Discord: Players can now !claim free $$$ every day of the week. All you must do is join Discord and type !claim in one of teh channels that 'Smith' bot is in. This is under review and may be altered in the future. Enjoy!
  • [10/8/2017] NeODonations: PurPur Blocks and End Stone blocks have been added to the gem shop in the shopping world.
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