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Minecraft: Running Version: 1.10 Download
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Minecraft Server Change Log:

    Latest update: 27 Nov

  • [27/11/2016] Server ResourcePack: Added following content: Stone Block, Sun, Snow
  • [20/11/2016] NeOExperience: Llamas should spawn naturally in the world. It is not following the Mojang's specific biome requirements. instead, it will be following the requirements of a Cow.
  • [10/11/2016] NeOGames: Panicroom, fixed bug causing server restart (as it thinks a serious fault has been detected when it was actually a minor one) resulting in the server restarting.
  • [31/10/2016] NeOGames: HungerGames. Diamond related stuff has been removed from loot chests, instead it can only be obtained via mining.
  • [30/10/2016] NeOGames: HungerGames patched issue causing players that had left the game after ti started to be deemed winner as they were the first to join.
  • [30/10/2016] NeOGames : Hunger Games is officially online and being tested! Type '/hg join' to initiate/join a game!
  • [29/10/2016] NeOExperience: Free Gliders/Elycra's? auto-equip and removed when playing on the Rings of Fire game in world_3.
  • [21/10/2016] NeOWorlds: Adjusted the permanent time in hub to slightly darker one whereby its more halloweenie.
  • [21/10/2016] WorldGuard/NeOAuth: Fixed critical error that allowed players to bypass WorldGuard protection(s) ONLY. GriefPrevention unaffected.
  • [20/10/2016] NeOBasics: Fixed bug in PVP Arena Quiting whereby items may not drop and an error is caused.
  • [17/6/2016] Server will now auto restart at the following times: 05:00 and 22:00 everyday. (GMT: 0)
  • [6/5/2016] NeOMoney: updated and will now actively check and prevent /givemoney from being abused.
  • [6/5/2016]
  • [22/4/2016] NeOBiz: fixed bug allowin gplayers to purchase a non-existent biz. No money was taken or exchanged but fixed non-the-less.
  • [17/4/2016] Added back MobDisguise on a trial basis to see if it'll work with 1.9
  • [17/4/2016] NeOAntiSpam: No longer "removes" the spam/advertising messages to enable admins to view exactly what was said and determine who is actually breaking rules from those who are just unlucky.
  • [17/4/2016] NeOBasics: Included a few new items for StarterKit. It will now include, 1x Golden Shovel, 1x Stone Shovel, 1xStone Sword, 1xStone Pickaxe, x1 Leather Armour Set.
  • [10/4/2016] NeOGames: KitPVP: Removed experience levels
  • [10/4/2016] NeOGames: KitPVP: Removed auto-feeder from worldguard and created a new one inside the kitPVP plugin instead to better manage the health regen rates.
  • [10/4/2016] NeODonations: Disabled 'feeder' in Official-Games regions.
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