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12 Dec2014

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  • Fnordcrayfish22 promoted to: Admin
  • GameTiger6 promoted to: Verified
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    Here's the latest 20 changes we've made:

  • KitPVP if there is 3 or more players in KitPVP when you kill someone, they will drop experience.
  • Bows have been removed from Level 4 and replaced by Enchanted Sword.
  • Added prototype minigame 'Tag' now we need to create an arena for it.
  • Added a 4th level to KitPVP
  • New textures for: Sun
  • New textures for: Wood Planks, Signs updated again, new book texture when opening a book.
  • Added new textures for the following items: Bedrock, Furnace, Chests, Signs, Ladders, Flowers,
  • Added a server resource pack. The resourcepack will be default minecraft but as time goes on we will add things that we come across that we think will make your experience here better!
  • You can now earn $$$ when dominating in KitPVP!
  • KitPVP now has a 'Champion KitPVPer' feature.
  • KitPVP has now been made available on the server! Type /kitpvp to join!
  • Treasures should show the correct amount left when typing /treasure
  • Bows should now work in PVP!
  • Donation fly tool will now be blocked from flying inside the spawn area of skylands to prevent cheating of Ender Dragon exp.
  • Lottery is making a comeback!
  • NeOClans updated and Leaders of clans can now transfer clan leadership to another player. The other player will be charged $1,000. The receiver must also be online.
  • Donators can no longer use FULL CAPS like regular players.
  • ./warns command has been upgraded a little to include date/timestamp and a bit of colour for easy reading.
  • Players can now sit down on chairs e.t.c by right clicking on them.
  • Players can now earn additional money from hitting certain mining milestones & server joins. More to come!
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    Team-NeO opens its mail room doors to the public - you can now have your very own email address today! Click on the 'Mail Services' link and follow the instructions. :)

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